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We live in the small farming community of Nokomis, located just west of Atmore, Ala. We started out with grade sheep to work (train) Australian shepherds and changed to registered Katahdin hair sheep.

We are down to 35 registered ewes, keeping the best moms and best hair coats and overall nicer ewes. Ninety-five percent of our ewes are A- or AA-hair coats. We've purchased sheep from Ed Martsolf as well as several from Ohio, Mississippi and Louisiana. Our goal is a worm resistant, A-coat, RR-typed herd. We have mostly QR and RR ewes and try to lamb each December, if not earlier.

We started the voluntary scrapie flock certification program in 2002 and are members of KHSI and the South Central Katahdin Hair Sheep Association. For more information on our flock or available animals please email us.





See Papers on Available sheep page OUR CURRANT RAMS ARE RR

Chaos RIC 0543-RR(Sept 2015) and Bonsai ( TAD 28-17) bred at Tadita Farms 3/2/17



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